Tuesday, September 4, 2012

first day of school

Well, today was the big day! Ruth started kindergarten! 
(And Leo started 2nd grade, and Benjamin started 3rd grade)

there they are!

big girl!!

so proud of my kiddos
Ruth was so excited!

Joseph and I, all by ourselves (Robby was still asleep)
You can tell in this photo I was pretty emotional over Ruth leaving the nest.

Clint emailed me this photo of Ruth in her new classroom.
He titled the photo "Day 1 of 2160"


As I closed the front door and walked slowly back into the kitchen to give Joseph breakfast, I confess I was holding back the tears. I sat down at the computer and I got an email right as I sat down from a customer. She wrote to tell me that she was prompted to pray for me as she put on the necklace I made for her. I emailed her back to thank her for praying for me, and explained that I was sad about my baby girl starting kindergarten today. Then, she responded back telling me that she was a kindergarten teacher! God is so good. He led the perfect person to pray for me and my mama's heart this morning. Isn't that just like Him? What a wonderful Father.


  1. That's an amazing story! Awesome! Sometimes I just think to myself, "Way to go, God...I couldn't make this stuff up!"

  2. Wow...He keeps showing us over and over that He is a personal God...and really cares about the details of our lives...

    Happy first day of school!

  3. Lora- they look so happy! What a wonderful story too! Ruth looks right at home in her new classroom. :)
    It just flies by, doesn't it?
    Tomorrow my oldest begins seventh grade and my baby fifth. I know this will be my last year home schooling and I've been weepy on and off all week over it. I feel the bittersweet right there with you!
    May your heart be full!

  4. Wow that is really neat! God is so good!

  5. Hey Lora!!!
    I MISS YOU!! (I know you haven't gone anywhere..its been me..) Just wanted to tell you that RUTH looks soo happy in the picture with her brothers!! Oh my stinkin goodness!! Also..that Gungor video you posted a couple days ago...You have me... I have played it every morning (and throughout the day) and the boys are becoming bigtime Gungor fans.. Sam especially likes the banjo from You have me..and Myles loves (and I do too) You Make Beautiful Things!! so just wanted you to know that the word of the Lord and the song in your heart has been speaking to my Beloved children this week!! Thankyou so much for your FAITHFULLNESS!!! Oh..and also, my girlfriend, Jess, gave me ONE THOUSAND GIFTS for my birthday (we celebrated and went to a long overdue dinner last week and she gave it to me then) ...EUCHARISTO... ofcourse i thought of you.. i remember you telling me about it at the autism walk!! WOW!! what else.. our Son~Rise program is coming along..i will send you our letter that we delivered to churches.. waiting on the Lord's provision!! Much love to you my friend!!

  6. Ok, this answers my question! big big day indeed! Sweethearts.



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