Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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My favorite time of the year is coming in less than two months. Harvest Fest! Each fall, my church hosts a big conference where thousands of people come from all over the world. It's so fun! The worship is always so anointed, and the speakers have such timely messages for the coming year.  And there is a section in the church where lots and lots of people have tables where they share their gifts and ministries. It's really an amazing time of making divine connections and friendship.  I've had a table/booth for the past 5 years. And it truly is such a blessing for me!! I've met so many amazing people and have had the chance to encourage others through the little works of my hands. I've even gotten lots of opportunities to pray for people and minister as well. :)

My vendor application was just recently accepted, so I am all set now to start preparing for the big event. I've been on the lookout for beautiful jewelry components, old and new. And I've also been shopping around for some vintage fabrics to use to make some patchwork baby quilts.

I spent the night last night cutting quilt squares out of some amazing vintage fabrics that I got from my friend Jenn's shop. I'm excited about making this little baby blanket!

I've also been stocking up on some pretty new beads, charms, and pendants.
Just got some amazing turquoise pieces the other day!
(do you see that large yellow turquoise cross? it's so cool!)

I made this off center sparrow necklace the other day. I really like how it turned out.

And a couple of weekends ago, I made the trip to a little antique store called The Knife Shop. 
A man in his 90's named Tom owns it. He's had it for longer than I've been alive.
And it's one of the coolest places ever! Lots of little nooks and crannies to explore.
He's got cases and cases full of vintage costume jewelry from estate sales.
And you have to really search through all the little pieces. Some of them are hidden under others. Some are upside down. And when you've picked the ones you want to hold and look at more closely, Tom comes over with his set of gold keys and unlocks the glass cases.  And then, you have to point out to him which pieces you want to look at (which usually takes about four or five tries before he picks up the right piece! :) )

I found some AMAZING old pendants on my most recent trip there. 

Here's some of them that I made into necklaces to sell at Harvest Fest:

i know, right?
totally breathtaking. :)

(this one says MEXICO on the back - it's sterling silver.)
I love it - this photo doesn't do it justice. the mother of pearl inlay is stunning.

and this little eagle is faceted, so it really sparkles!
love it.


I love to use vintage pieces in my jewelry. It is such a wonderful picture of how God takes the old in us and makes it beautiful.  I think about all of these little treasures that were just laying, gathering dust, in Tom's glass cases. (The eagle was actually upside down!) And now, they have been rescued and polished and brought back to their former glory. 

God is always in the business of restoration!!


  1. Love the vintage pieces you have renewed! Good luck with your booth!


  2. I wish I could go to the Harvest Fest! I love craft fairs....and it would be so neat to see all of your creations in one place. I love the off center sparrow necklace, Lora. It's beautiful. I hope you have a lot of fun this year and are blessed much; as you bless so many others that you come in contact with.
    Happy Friday!



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