Monday, August 6, 2012

thrifty love gift exchange

Last month, I signed up to take part in something really fun called the Thrifty Love Gift Exchange. A group of ladies organized a swap where you were paired with another blogger and each of you went thrift shopping for eachother and shipped the goodies you found to them! It was really fun!! I was paired with Jen and we were delighted to discover that we both loved vintage things from the 60s and 70s, especially in mustard golds and avocado greens. She also really loved anything that had to do with owls and cats. I went shopping a couple weekends ago and prayed before I went into the thrift store that I would find something really special for her. And lo and behold, I found some amazing vintage Avon perfume bottles (still in the original boxes!) in the shape of an owl and a cat looking into a fishbowl. I was so excited! I knew she would love them.

I also found some cute vintage placemats and napkins, as well as a fantastic little avocado green butter knife.

aren't those little avon bottles the cutest thing ever?!

I wrapped everything up in vintage pattern paper and stamped this little card for her on a great vintage pattern cover - those illustrations are best, aren't they?!

Last week, I came home after a very difficult day, and was so thrilled to find my box from Jen!
It came at the perfect time. When I opened up the box, I gasped with delight! She sent me three vintage Pyrex nesting bowls!!!! Oh my goodness. I cried. It totally made my day. 

Jen wrote in her sweet note that she read on my blog that I loved Pyrex but only had one piece. So, she set out to find me some Pyrex when she went thrift shopping for the exchange. And she found not just one, but THREE pieces! (and for those of you that like thrifting, you know that vintage Pyrex is very hard to find!)

there they are, all lined up in a row :)

isn't that pattern so sweet? 
it matches my house so well.
love that mustard gold!!

I'm a dork, I know. Posing with my Pyrex. :)

It was so much fun to do this thrift exchange. I loved shopping with someone else in mind. Usually, I just go for myself, but it was really rewarding to go for someone else! And I was so happy to have found so many great pieces for Jen that I knew would bring a smile to her face. On top of that, I made a new friend in the process. :)

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  1. Have to say thru this thrifty exchange, pyrex is on my list to start looking for! Beautiful.

  2. vintage pyrex is so hard to find...i tried with no success.
    love your set. they are perfect.
    happy monday laura. :)

  3. Love this! Let me know if there is another swap like that I'd love to join!!!

  4. that little cat looking into the fishbowl is so cute! fun finds. :)

  5. I'm again so thrilled you like them as much as I do. Soooo hard to part with them! Move to Missouri, you will find Pyrex in the most crazy places for crazy different prices. I knew what I wanted to get you, and I set out and found it. So glad we got partnered together (we are still using the placemats every night!!!!).

  6. yay! so glad you were so happy with your finds! wasn't this fun?

  7. I'd be a dork too and totally take pics with that pyrex! I love what you sent her and what you received! Y'all were a great match :)

  8. You are not a dork! Vintage pyrex is a treasure my photo would've involved me snuggling mine! What a great gift. I love this exchange and will definitely be joining in on the next one!

  9. What a lovely idea in a mad consumer driven world.Your little boys are too cute.

  10. those bowls are absolutely beautiful! and i love everything that she picked out for you as well! this swap was super fun! probably the best one i've done yet!




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