Monday, July 16, 2012

simple pleasures

I wanted to share a few pictures of our trip to visit my in-laws last week. We had such a fun, relaxing time. Robert, my father-in-law, set up two pools in the yard and got the sprinklers and inner tubes out. The kids went out there every day to soak up the sun. They had a blast!

Robert also got this cute baby pool for Robby. We put it in a shady spot and he had fun sitting in there playing with a wisk. (kitchen tools make great pool toys!)

action shot of Robby running around!

hooray! :)

summer, summer, summertime!

Ruth putting a collander over the sprinkler :)

there's that wisk again! :)


Aah... the simple pleasures of summer!!

Bits of splendor in the sun!

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  1. Hi Lora! Just stopping by from Bits of Splendor. These pictures of your kids are so cute! Nothing like playing in the sprinkler in the summertime :)

  2. How fun!! Your kids look so happy! We love sprinklers and swimming on these hot Summer days too!



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