Saturday, July 7, 2012

our 4th of july

Benjamin and Leo have been at Clint's parents in south Georgia all week long. They have had an absolute blast there, but I have missed them terribly! I can't wait to be reunited with them again tomorrow! We're driving down there to go get them and spend a few days with Clint's family. It should be fun!!

Our 4th of July was really low key. We've been fighting colds all week, so we just stayed home and Clint grilled some burgers, hot dogs, and chicken. Our dinner consisted of those things, french fries, corn on the cob, a plate of Clint's parents' home grown tomatoes, and Ruth's new favorite food - pickles! Clint set up a little table with three little chairs on the screened in back porch. It was pretty simple, but the kids really enjoyed it. I was sad because we didn't have anything for dessert. And then, I heard the beautiful sound of the ice cream truck down the street! We scrambled quickly to find a few dollars and then I ran outside to catch the truck. The kids were delighted when I returned holding popsicles! :) It was a little blessing from the Lord, for sure, to brighten my kiddos' faces.

We watched the neighborhood fireworks out our front upstairs window. This one of Lester and Ruth watching them together is so cute, don't you think?!

they're so cute, in their little chairs, side by side.


We had a nice afternoon/evening together, just the five of us.
Benjamin and Leo were definitely missed though!


  1. Lora, I love all the pictures of your family. Your kids are SO cute!! Thanks for sharing a little glimpse into your lives. :)

  2. these are GREAT! your kids are just beautiful!



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