Tuesday, July 3, 2012

cruise - part two

This is part two of my week long blogging about our fabulous Disney Cruise.

Warning - lots of pictures!! :)

we had a Formal Night on the second night of the cruise. 
It was really fun for all of us to get our fancy clothes on and take lots of pictures together.

I think I was the most excited about Joseph's velveteen vest with a Mickey Mouse applique on the lapel. I've had it for years, thinking that one day it would come in handy for something. And it was absolutely perfect for this special occasion! Doesn't he look so handsome?!

baby Robby in his little tie.

my mom and I in the beautiful atrium of the ship

Papa and Robby

We also had professional portraits made of our families. Sorry for the quality of these next two pictures - I took photos of the actual photographs on my kitchen table this morning. They are really beautiful in person!

 all 18 of us!!
 one really big happy family!
(the men next to my dad and clint are my two brothers)

my little family :)
i think it turned out pretty good! 
leo's doing a pirate face, but i think that we'll all laugh about that years from now!
as soon as i find a frame, it's going up on the wall!

We came back to our rooms that night to find the cutest elephants made out of towels on our bed. And chocolates!

The Disney characters were often roaming around the ship, so it was so much fun to spot one and be able to snap a quick picture. Here's Ruth and Pluto. I love her sweet face here!

another one of our delicious dinners in my favorite restaurant in the ship. It was called "The Enchanted Garden". It was so gorgeous! And look at those ocean views out of the portholes!

Grandma and Ruth

My sister in law, Paula, took me out for a drink after dinner one night at a beautiful little bar called Ooh La La. It was so much fun!

pink champagne!

Paula is not only my sister-in-law, she is also my best friend.
We only see eachother about once a year, so we cherish our times talking face to face.
She is a beautiful person, inside and out! I love her so much.

"The Princess Gathering" processional
(just hearing Ruth squeal with delight is worth watching this!)

They have this event called "The Princess Gathering" on the ship where all of the Disney Princesses come out together in the Grand Atrium, down the beautiful spiral staircase.  You wait in line, and when it's your turn, you walk up to each princess and talk with each one personally and take photos with them. Ruth was in absolute heaven. It was so precious. My parents were with she and I when we were in line, and when it was her turn to walk down the line and meet each princess, I looked over at my dad in the corner, and he was sobbing. It was so so dear. He was so happy that he had brought so much joy to his little granddaughter.



(I love how Ruth is holding out her skirt, just like Cinderella is doing)

She also had her picture taken with Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Tiana.

Hope y'all don't mind me sharing all of these photos! But, I really want to document the whole cruise so I don't forget all of the wonderful memories!! Thanks for indulging me! :)

Tomorrow's post will be about Clint and I's day alone in together in Costa Maya, Mexico and Pirate Night!


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  1. great pics lora!! so happy you had a great time!! :)

  2. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I love the blog and am bawling after your kind comments! You are my best friend in the world and like I told you before....I prayed for a sister for for years and years and God blessed my beyond belief with you!!!

  3. Anonymous2:36 PM


  4. Lora, this made me smile SO much--again! Your little girl meeting those princesses made ME feel like a little girl--I would have been thrilled to have been in her position when she was little! What a beautiful restaurant, how fun to have a date with your sister-in-law (and my mom's name is Paula, too :) ), and your family is BEAUTIFUL. I'm loving hearing all about your trip!

  5. I am enjoying your pictures. I never knew they had such a thing as a Disney Cruise. What fun for the entire family. You and your mother and sister all look so much alike. Beautiful family!



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