Monday, July 2, 2012

cruise - part one

I've got so much to share about the Disney Cruise that I thought it'd be easier to blog about it in a few different posts. (It might take all week long! sorry.. :) ) But, I really want to document all of this so I have it written down with my favorite photos.

So, here's part one!

setting sail!!

Clint made this Love Boat tshirt the night before in our hotel room in Orlando. 
He's such a funny guy. I love him. :)

my sweet parents

don't they just look so so happy?! 
I am so thankful to them for this amazing vacation that they blessed us with!

we're so excited!

Captain Leo

Benjamin and I watching the ship sail away from Port Canaveral

They had a big party with music and dancing and all of the Disney characters when the ship took off. I love this shot, don't you?! :)

(do you see that waterslide at the top? that thing (called the Aqua Duck) was so much fun!!)

that tall man in the back row with the light blue baseball cap is my brother, Paul.

And the two women on either side of him are my two sister-in-laws. The one with the dark purple shirt is Paul's wife, Paula. And the one with the light purple shirt is Sheryl, my other brother Alan's wife.

here's a little video of Joseph dancing during the setting sail party. He cracks me up!

this is one of our rooms. We had two connecting rooms, both identical.

It was a great setup for us! Plenty of room for all seven of us.
That couch converted into a bottom bunk, and the top bunk came down out of the ceiling. And the striped curtain could extend all the way across the room to separate the two sleeping areas.

There were two separate bathrooms. One was this one, with just a toilet and sink.

The other one had a tub/shower and a sink.

And this is me the next morning sitting outside on our verandah, watching the waves.
This feature was my favorite part of the rooms! Totally gorgeous.

my view
(like my plaid pajama pants? :) )

Ruth liked sitting outside with me too.
(That's a hard plexiglass wall, by the way. Totally safe for the kids to be outside with me.)

The rooms were so nice. And someone came to clean them/make beds/put out fresh towels, etc. twice a day! It was so great to come back to the room to find it all clean and orderly! (If only I had that back here at home! haha)  The kids slept so well, too. And the curtains were so thick and blocked out the sunlight really well, so, the children didn't wake up too too early. The beds were so comfortable and the TVs had just about every Disney show and movie available on it. So, that was a nice feature to have in the early morning if Clint and I weren't ready to get up just yet. And I enjoyed watching some classic Disney movies as well, like Freaky Friday and Pollyanna.

My parents' room was right next door to ours so that was convenient too. My mom and I got to sit on her verandah and chat or in their sitting area and sip Cafe Francais together. :)

I think we might have been the only larger family on board. I didn't meet any other families with more than four kids. But, honestly, the children really did well. And the rooms were really spacious, considering we were on a cruise ship. There was plenty of room for everyone!

Tomorrow, I'll blog about Formal Night, champagne with my sister in law at Ooh-La-La, and Ruth meeting all of her favorite Disney Princesses!


  1. that's quite the nice-sized stateroom! The sink and toilet look kind of like the ones on airplanes...were they? I've always wondered how that worked on big ships, especially showers!

    You look GORGEOUS in the pictures. I'm so happy your family had this opportunity! Can't wait to hear all about the rest of your trip. :)

  2. I'm loving this! I've didn't know some ships had bathtubs unless you were in the deluxe suite. We've only been on Carnival.

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Looks so fun! Glad you had a blast!!



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