Thursday, July 5, 2012

cruise - part four

OK, y'all, here's part four of our Disney Cruise! (I hope you're not sick of all of these pictures yet! If so, tomorrow's the last day, and the blog will be back to normal! haha...)

When we got on the ship, my 12 year old niece Lindsey gave me a little pink reservation card for "Princess Isabella" (that's Ruth's first name). My brother and sister-in-law had made a special reservation for Ruth and also for their two girls to go to "Bippity Boppity Boutique" to have princess makeovers!!! So fun!

about to start her transformation!

putting the tiara on!

getting her nails painted!

isn't she beautiful?!
i love this shot because you can see Lindsey in the reflection of the mirror.

the reveal!
she was in total shock and amazement!

Ruth and her cousin Madison
(Ruth's wearing the little necklace that Daddy gave her the night before. :) )

this video is so cute! 
she kept walking over to the mirror to look at herself. she just couldn't believe how pretty she looked! :)


Princess Isabella Ruth on her golden throne

When Clint tucked her in bed that night, she said to him (very seriously)
"Well, I guess it's time for me to turn back into Ruth now."
oh my goodness. absolutely precious!!


That night, Clint surprised me with dinner for two at a beautiful fancy restaurant. 
It was a super romantic evening!! 

the view from our table!
all ocean views. gorgeous!!

every course of the dinner was absolutely divine.
this was clint's dessert - tiramisu! look at the presentaion! 

one of the ship's photographer's came by and took our picture.
we ended up buying it at the end of the cruise.
it's one of the best photographs we've ever had taken together! i love it.

after dinner and a show, my niece babysat the kiddos while all the adults went out for a drink at a bar on the top floor that had cityscapes from all over the world projected onto the walls. so cool! we all went around and toasted my parents and thanked them for such a wonderful trip and also honored them for their 50 years of marriage. it was a really special time!

Then, my two sister-in-laws and I went dancing!! So much fun! We felt like teenagers. 
Here's an action shot of Paula!

and one of me, too! (I love this photo!)

and here's Sheryl!

this photo makes me smile
(i don't know who that guy is in the background - he just jumped in the photo! haha..)

The last post about the cruise will be tomorrow! I'm going to be sharing our last full day of the cruise, on a beautiful private island that Disney owns called Castaway Cay. We had a wonderful day there by the beach! 


  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I love the pics!! keep em comin'!

  2. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us, Lora. It's been so much fun to see all the pictures and videos! LOVED the pictures of Ruth. She is precious in her Cinderella gown. Every little girl loves pretending to be a princess...



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