Saturday, June 9, 2012

little red wagon

We had a yard sale today. Clint did most of the work getting ready for it, and he was out there most of the day. I stayed inside with the kiddos. But, I was able to pop outside for a few minutes throughout the day to meet the people browsing around and to visit with Clint. Overall, our yard sale was pretty successful. We made enough money to make the sale worth it, so that's good. And, the best part is that we got rid of some big pieces of furniture that took up room in the garage!

Joseph and Ruth stayed outside with Clint for awhile this morning. Clint let Joseph play with his old red wagon. He asked me to take some photos of Joseph and the wagon because he knew that his mom would get a kick out of seeing Joseph playing with it! (Hi Diane! :))

this picture is classic.

isn't he cute?!

And I just had to include this photo of Robby this morning.
His hair's getting longer, and I am thorougly enjoying his "bedhead" each morning! :)


  1. Totally AAAdorable! Love the wagon as well, I use one to get groceries from car to house...very useful.

  2. Diane8:55 PM

    Oh, I remember that wagon well. It is at least
    39 or 40 years old and I think Clint's Grandaddy
    Williams might have given it to Clint. How cute of Joseph and the wagon and putting his shoes on ! ! Thanks for sharing. Diane



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