Wednesday, June 13, 2012

how to turn a bar of soap into six pumps of liquid hand soap

I ran out of liquid hand soap the other day, but I had a bunch of bars of Ivory soap under my bathroom sink. So, I googled how to turn bar soap into liquid pump soap. I was sure there had to be a way! And I found this great tutorial. It was so easy, and guess what, I made enough liquid soap to fill 6 pumps from only one bar of soap! So awesome! I also added a little bit of peppermnt essential oil to give the soap a nice peppermint scent.

there they all are!
(I had 4 empty pumps lying around the house, so I filled those up)

And I put the rest of the liquid soap into two mason jars.
When I run out, I can refill the pumps with what's inside these.


I feel so frugal! :)


  1. Even if you didn't come up with the recipe yourself you get big kudos for even thinking of trying in the first place! I had never even thought such a thing was possible- how cool is that? . . . I need to make some liquid soap!

  2. You should also feel clever! Well done!

  3. I feel frugal just having read this! Yur funny. <3



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