Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the boy and his Bible

I came around the corner yesterday and found Robby sitting on the bench in the entryway "reading" a little orange Bible. (My dad works with the Gideons so he sent the children little New Testaments a few months ago) Stumbling upon Robby with the Bible like that really melted my heart. I took a few photos and a video. So precious!

his sweet hand on the Word

beautiful boy!

I hope and pray that he (and all of my children) will grow to love the Bible. 
I pray that it will become a huge source of peace and comfort throughout their lives.

And, once again, I am also challenged and God has used my little ones to speak to my heart. I haven't been reading the Bible as much as I know I need to. Seeing Robby enjoying the Bible so much yesterday has lit a little spark in my heart to enjoy it more, too!

So, you know what I'm gonna do as soon as I publish this blog post? I'm gonna follow my 18 month's old example: I'm gonna go get my Bible. And I'm gonna read it! :)

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  1. Awww! Sweet!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Seeing him there melts my heart too. What a cutie he is- love how God reminds us of Himself and we we REALLY need in such surprising ways. :)

  3. Our children certainly do learn by our example. We are the first ones they see as their model...good or bad. Your Robbie is obviously modeling what he has seen...and it does make a mother's heart glad!

  4. Diane5:13 PM

    Just think....Robby's very first time opening a Bible! ! ! I pray there will be many, many, many more times of opening his Bible in the years to come and that each opening will be especially meaningful to him and make him hunger for more. Bless him :)

  5. Listen to him talking now! He's grown so much!!! I miss you guys....



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