Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a time to dance

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Ruth had her ballet recital on Saturday. It was so so sweet!!

that's Ruth with her arm high up in the air and her back arched.  :)

beautiful ballerina!

holding her bouquet of flowers from mommy and daddy

love that tutu!

at the end of her performance, she shouted "Hi Mom!" from the stage and waved. :)
i'm so proud of her!

with her ballet teacher, Miss Sarah

with her big brother Benjamin in the parking lot of the church right before we left
this picture makes me so happy

this is just a little bit of the dance her class performed. 
(Ruth is the one behind the older girl that was helping them)

I've watched that little video about ten times.
And each time, God speaks more and more into my heart.

Watching my daughter skip around in a circle, giggling with delight, reminds me that that God longs for me to be the same way. Like a child. Skipping, dancing, not a care in the world. Not comparing myself to the girls next to me. Just having fun. Just being carefree. All the while looking for me in the audience and smiling her beautiful smile.

Oh God!
Let me be free to dance. 
To trust.
To not compare myself to the those around me.
To fix my eyes on You!

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  1. Your family is beautiful. I love to make thing, Jesus, and starting to get excited about vintage.

  2. What an adorably sweet post!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. Oh so beautiful!!

  4. She looks lovely in her tutu.:)
    Reminds me of my own dancing days . . . eleven years of ballet and other forms of dance.
    Your thoughts about not comparing ourselves to others really shook me- I hadn't even realized that's a huge issue for me until now. A good reminder of an important truth. Thank you :)

  5. Love, Love, Love these photos ! ! Ruth is so pretty. Wish we could have been there to see her dance. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  6. Lora I found you! kept looking and looking for you after I could not find you! <3 this soo cute!!



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