Thursday, May 3, 2012

something to make you smile

I took this little video of Robby last night before bedtime.
This child has the best laugh! Seriously. He makes me smile so big. I love him to pieces.

(oh, and he's wearing one of Clint's little shirts that he wore when he was a baby! isn't that sweet?! His mom gave me a bunch of Clint's baby clothes when I found out I was pregnant with Benjamin. I've enjoyed dressing up all four of my boys in their daddy's old (very 70's!) clothes. :) )

I thought y'all could you a big smile today!
Nothing like a laughing baby to brighten your day, right?!


  1. Diane9:52 AM made my day ! ! ! !

  2. Love that laugh. He is a sweetie.

  3. Oh man- the memories that laugh brought back! Not that it was THAT long ago . . . but it's sad how quickly I forget those little things! Thanks for the smiles!

  4. Awww, I SO use to love those deep laughs!!! So cute and sweet! Glad you shared:)

  5. That laugh is awesome!



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