Saturday, May 5, 2012

saturday snapshot

today's been a quiet day at home.

(the photo shows one of the highlights of the day.
 just rocking my joseph like a baby. he's gotten so big! time sure does fly...)

here's the play-by-play of my day:

hubby let me sleep in
breakfast/ emailing/etsy stuff
playing with the kiddos
walking/jogging on the treadmill
making some necklaces
(like this and this)
packing/shipping etsy orders
making spaghetti lunch for me and the hubby
some phone calls with friends/family
playing with the kiddos
grocery shopping
the Lion King
kiddos bedtime
more walking on the treadmill

and there probably won't be much after this - it's already 9:30! wow...

Hope y'all had a good Saturday, too!


  1. I think that may be my favorite picture of you yet- you are a beautiful Mama!

    Highlight of my Saturday?- after dinner walk with my boys when the oldest turns to his brother and says, "You know- we have a good-looking Mother"
    God knows how much I needed to hear that! Always blessings overflow when we just look for them!

  2. great photo of two of God's favorites...sounds like a perfect day. my day was spent having sheep sheared and then a large nap.



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