Saturday, May 12, 2012

happy birthday to ruth

Today is Ruth's 5th birthday! I cannot believe she is 5 years old! Wow. Time sure does fly by!

We had a wonderful day celebrating our little girl. We had a family party earlier today with cake and presents. Here's a few photos of our day:

Look at that beautiful cake God blessed me with yesterday! I found it at the grocery store, already made. All they had to do was put her name on it. And the best part - it was only $6.99!
Thank you, Jesus!

family parties are the best
(that's a Barbie table centerpiece by the way. clint got it for her! :) )

do you think that Robby liked the cake?! :)

Ruth was totally captivated by the gift my parents sent her.
It's a Strawberry Shortcake "Berry Bitty Market"

Daddy and his princess

After cake and presents, I took Ruth out for a special mommy/daughter date. We went out for lunch to a darling place called Savannah's Tea Room. We wore big flowery hats and drank lemonade out of teacups. It was so much fun! I will be blogging about it on Monday. (I got so many wonderful photos that it definitely deserves its own post!)

After lunch, I took Ruth to the mall to Build-A-Bear. She loved picking out her own stuffed animal, filling it with stuffing, putting a little heart inside it, bathing it, dressing it, and filling out its birth certificate. Here's some photos of her experience:

waiting in line to stuff her bunny

giving "Stuffy" a bath

she's so proud
(isn't that little dress that she picked out cute?)

me and my big girl

i love this last shot of her walking out to the car.


It was a great day! She came home and took a nap with her new furry friend, Stuffy (isn't that name she came up with just the cutest?!) Then, she spent the rest of the day playing with her Strawberry Shortcake toy up in her room. Now, as I type this, she is watching Cinderella 2 with her brothers in the living room.

I am so thankful for my Isabella Ruth!

baby ruth :)


  1. Happy birthday to Miss Ruth- a very sweet and pretty girl (like her mama)!

  2. happy birthday ruth!
    that sounds like the perfect birthday!
    so happy for you both! :)



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