Tuesday, May 29, 2012

picnic by the lake

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day! Clint had to work last night, so I decided at the last minute to take the children on a picnic at the lake near our house. We packed up all the food and dishes, etc, and walked over to the lake with the double stroller in tow. It ended up being a really nice evening! The kids were really well behaved and the weather was just perfect. And there was a beautiful spot to sit right near the lake, under a shady area of trees. I took some photos to capture our little picnic:

a swan decided to swim around us for most of our dinner!

isn't the swan lovely?!
 i love the light on the ripples of water in this photo.

pirate leo

do you see the ducks in the background?

throwing pebbles in the water

headed home
(Robby likes to hit joseph on the head when they're in the double stroller.
 i laughed when i saw this photo - i caught him in the act!)

I was pretty wiped out by the time we got home. Taking five kids under the age of 8 on a picnic is hard work! But, it was fun, and we made some sweet memories.


Sometimes, its the simplest things that we do as moms that leave the most lasting memories for our kids. I decided to have this picnic about an hour before we left the house. It didn't take a whole lot of preparation or effort, and it certainly wasn't perfect or looked like it came out of the pages of Martha Stewart Magazine. But guess what, my kiddos don't care about all that stuff! They were just happy to have a fun day with their mommy. They were thrilled to sit on a picnic table and feel the evening breeze on their faces as they ate their hot dogs and looked at the swan swimming by them.

So often as a mom, I've hesitated to branch out and do things that are out of the ordinary (like a picnic) because I can't do it perfectly... But, I'm learning that its in the "imperfect" things that the most joy is found. It's in the spilled juice on the old tablecloth. It's in the eating on tupperwear lids because I don't have any clean plates. It's in the messy hands because I forgot the wipes. 

It's in the smiles on my kids' faces. It's in the sound of their laughter. It's in the stomping of their feet as they chase eachother. It's in the sound of their little pebbles hitting the water.

And it's all worth it when they thank me as I tuck them into bed for taking them on a picnic.

Don't worry about being perfect. 
Use what you've got. 
(Because what you've got is ENOUGH.)
Do something spontaneous today.
Make a sweet memory that will last a lifetime!

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  1. So fun! Scout used to love to feed the ducks when he was little...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Diane4:05 PM

    You are so right about lasting memories. I well remember (even at the age of 69) some of those little outings with my parents and my sister.

  3. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! And thank you also for the follow. :)

    I love this. I have great memories of picnics with my family when I was little. And you are so right about the most joy being found in the moments that aren't quite "perfect." My husband encourages me to be spontaneous and just "go with the flow," and I think that habit makes life so much happier. :)

  4. What a gorgeous spot to picnic! How wonderful to live within walking distance too. I don't think I have ever seen a swan in person- what a beautiful bird! All we seem to have are brown and spotted ducks. Which are good in their own way too, I suppose.
    Hooray for you making the effort of good memories for your kiddos- and five under eight has to be a good amount of effort!! I am in awe of you Lora! I can easily shy away over that kind of thing with just three of us ten and over!
    And however 'imperfect' your dinner may look, certainly those precious faces tell the truth of how perfect it really was!

  5. Diane9:24 AM

    LOVE all of the photos! ! ! Thanks for sharing all of them. I think Leo might have left one of his famous hats here at your last visit.

  6. You are such a good mommy!



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