Saturday, April 7, 2012

ruthie's new garland

My sweet friend Stephanie surprised me the other day with a package. I was thrilled to find one of her awesome vintage fabric garlands inside! She included a note inside that said:

I'm hoping this will bring a smile to Ruth's face. 
I made it special for her and her super cute room. :) 
XO Stephanie

Wasn't that so nice of her? It really made my day.

I immediately took it upstairs and hung it up over Ruth's vintage floral curtain. It fit perfectly!

look at all those beautiful vintage prints! love it...

i think ruth likes it, don't you?! :)

and i had to take a picture of stephanie's awesome packaging, too.
the garland was inside a waxed paper bag that stephanie had sewn shut.
how cool is that?! 


I have met so many amazing women through this blog and through my shop over the past few years.  I feel really blessed! I am so thankful for the friends that God has sent my way through this online community!

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  1. Lora, God has blessed me in bringing you into my life...even if it's only here on our blogs. He is so much bigger than the world wide web...I give Him full credit for the blessings we have gained by seeing each other's lives here...He is being glorified through it all! Happy Saturday!



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