Monday, April 30, 2012

purpose in the waiting

I went out in the front yard this morning to stop and smell the roses in our rose bush. They've recently started blooming, and their scent is absolutely heavenly!

While I was staring at the roses and taking in their glorious scent, I was reminded of a post I wrote almost exactly two years ago. I thought I would share it with y'all again.


May 4, 2010

When we moved almost four years ago, we transplanted a rose bush from our old house and planted it in the front of our new house.

This is the first year that roses have bloomed on it since we moved.

God has had me in a major season of waiting. As many of you know, I have been sick a lot over the last three months. I have had several viruses as well as morning sickness and allergies. It has been a very difficult time for me, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. I have questioned God on almost a daily basis on why He is allowing me to go through this hard time. And He has been silent. It has been very challenging for me to continue to trust Him and praise Him in all things.

As my husband and I have watched rose after rose bloom on this bush over the past week or so, we have marveled at how beautiful it is. The fragrance is also amazing and so strong. I've wondered over the past few days why its taken almost four years for the roses to bloom on this bush. I guess the roots had to grow deep into its new soil. Those roses just weren't ready to come forth into the world.

So, here I am, a rose bush, in a new soil, waiting for my roses to bloom. I stand in faith, trying to believe, that there is purpose in all things that God does and allows to come into my life. He is forever taking my roots deeper in Him. He is building a strong foundation on which I can stand secure and not be shaken, no matter what tests and trials come my way.

Help me, Lord, to wait on You. Help me to know that Your timing is perfect. You are never late. You are always right on time. You are always good. Your ways are higher than my ways, and Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts. You want what's best for me. Help me, O Lord, to trust You.


What's so crazy about this is that I could've written that post today and it would still be totally true. It's been two years, and I am going through the same journey. I am still waiting. I am still holding on to hope that God will answer the cries of my heart. I am still believing for miracles and answered prayers.

Well, one thing's different - I've got little Robby in my life now. :)  He makes the waiting easier, that's for sure.

So, my friends, whatever you're waiting for today - believe (along with me) that there is purpose in the waiting

God is doing a mighty work in the soil of our hearts. And one day, a beautiful rose will spring up out of the dark, cold ground into the warm sunlight. 

It's fragrance will permeate the atmosphere we're in. 

And we will be changed.

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  1. Beautiful!! God IS faithful. And whatever it is that you are waiting for, I know He'll answer your prayers in greater ways than you can even imagine. The God we serve is THAT awesome.

    Stopping by frim Bits of Splendor :)

  2. So good . . . so timely. No one is more patient and purposeful than our God.
    Trusting since we don't understand- it's so hard sometimes. I'm right there myself.



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