Tuesday, April 24, 2012

lessons from the rain

This past Sunday was a rainy day. Clint loves the rain. And he loves to work outside in the rain, wearing his big hat and boots. Joseph watched him through the glass storm door. He put on a pair of boots and a hat and asked me if he could go out and work in the yard with Daddy. It was so cute to watch them together; father and son.

this photo totally captures the man I fell in love with.

Ruth put on her boots and hat as well to join in the fun

I've got a cold today. I thought I'd been spared from the yucky virus that some of the kids had last week, but unfortunately, I started feeling bad last night. Today, I am having a sick day.

Looking at these photos helps to cheer myself up a bit. Seeing my precious Joseph and Ruth playing in the rain with their daddy. That's what it's all about. I am a blessed woman.

And I can't help but think -  
if it had not rained, they wouldn't have been able to jump in the puddles.

And I'll take it even one step further, 
If we never had to go through trials in our lives, 
we wouldn't be able to see God move and bring miracles and answered prayers.

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  1. They are SO precious! I just love the shot of Clint and Joesph working side by side. You must have warm rain . . . the rain we get is usually rain that is much to cold for anyone to want to be out in!
    I"m so sorry you ended up with the bug everyone else got. Hopefully, it's short lived . . . praying for health and a happy heart for you.

  2. Precious memories! Love these photos. Thanks for sharing!


  3. what beautiful fun pictures!! looks like fun at your house!!!
    I am your newest follower ...pls follow back if you can.
    hope you feel well tomorrow!

  4. Hope you are feeling better Lora. I love these pictures, what a great day. You have such a grateful heart.



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