Tuesday, April 3, 2012

in the garden

Hi y'all! I've been having a wonderful vacation at my in-laws' place.

It's really been like a little bit of heaven, actually.

So peaceful. I've had lots of naps. And lots of times just to sit and read and relax. Just what I've needed! And it's been really good for me to step away from the computer, too. I've intentionally been avoiding it. And I hope that I will do better at balancing my time when I get home. Sometimes, I can get carried away and spend too much time online and not enough time just being still and enjoying my life with my kids and my husband.  It's been so good to just enjoy the simple life. And being still before God, too. My head seems much less "cluttered".

Do you know what I mean?

This old hymn has been on my mind a lot over the past few days. I guess its because I've been walking around Diane and Robert's gardens so much. I sat at Diane's piano this morning and played a bunch of hymns and sang them to Robby. I miss those old hymns. The words are so true.


I also wanted to tell y'all about a fun little giveaway that my sweet friend Jen from All the Season's Hours is doing right now. She's put together a lovely spring-themed bundle to give the winner, including this pretty journal.

Go check out her blog when you get a chance. It's one of my favorites. I read it every day. Jen is so sweet! Her heart for the Lord is really beautiful, and she is so encouraging! And I love looking at the pictures of her charming house and garden.


I hope y'all are having a good week so far. We're making the long drive back home tomorrow. (Say a prayer for us, if you don't mind! 9 hours in a van with 5 kids can be a bit rough sometimes. I'm praying that God gives Clint and I and the kids lots of grace for an easy trip!)


  1. You might be in the car right now....I am praying for a safe trip.

  2. Thank you for sharing that hymn- surely that got the tears flowing!
    And thank you for such kindness! :)



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