Wednesday, April 18, 2012

healed and set free

We've been battling lots of sickness/illness in our house for the past few months. Sometimes, it's hard to understand why things happen. And it's hard to keep pressing on, to keep believing, to keep praying for miracles and healing. I sat down at my worktable yesterday, and hammered out a necklace with a little phrase that carries a lot of power. I pray that these words will also be a tangible reminder for you today. Let them sink into your spirit. Clutch them tightly with all of your might. They hold your true identity in Christ!

We are healed and set free.


Father, I come to you today, asking you to bring HEALING to my dear friends. Touch those who are reading these words today. Bring your power and healing into their situations. Set them free from the enemy's schemes and attacks. Restore to them that which the locusts have eaten. Bring restoration and deliverance today in Jesus name!  By your wounds, we are healed, Jesus. We love you and we thank you for saving us and healing us and setting us free!!


  1. Second time I've read this post today.
    Just as powerful the second time around.
    Thank you for being so available to God for His use!

  2. Thank you. We've had rounds and rounds of sickness since my son started kindergarten this past fall. At the moment my husband has a mystery cough (batting that since November), daughter's got an ear infection, baby's been on meds for ear infection (2nd round, for both) and three days into that we found out (today), he's got hand, foot & mouth. Oh, and I'm battling stuff, including strep. We overcome, even these things, by the blood of the Lamb and the word of out testimony. God is so good - I thank Him for being with us in the midst if this, as well as walking us through and out the other side!



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