Saturday, April 14, 2012

finding God in the nitty-gritty

Ruth came downstairs after her afternoon nap yesterday complaining of a sore throat. Her little cheeks were rosy, too. And after about an hour, I noticed that she felt pretty warm. Sure enough, she had a fever. I was able to get it down a little bit with some tylenol. And she went to bed pretty easily later on.  But, around midnight, she called for me. And she was burning up. Her temp was 104.5! I had to put her in the bathtub to try to bring the fever down. It came down about a degree and I put her back to bed with a cool washcloth and a water bottle to sip on. The Motrin I gave her helped too.  I ended up sleeping with her in her big girl bed. I wanted to be close to her and make sure the fever didn't spike up again.

I gotta tell you - I HATE it when my kids get sick. I mean, really hate it. But one good thing about it is that I get to comfort them, take care of them, and cuddle them. As we laid next to each other under the ruffled gingham comforter, I stroked Ruth's arm. I watched her sleep and listened to her deep breaths.  And in those quiet moments in her big girl room, my heart felt so full. I was secure in the fact that I was in exactly the right place. I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do in that moment. I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that He wanted me to care for my little girl. To be HIS hands to her. I felt so useful. I felt so blessed.  And I felt so honored that He had chosen me to take care of little Ruthie. I love her so.

Motherhood is such a curious thing sometimes. It takes everything out of you. And so often, you feel like no one notices all you do, all you give up. But, I know that God sees. He notices. 

And if you look closely, He is waiting to be found in these little pockets of self-sacrifice. His glory sometimes shines the brightest in those moments that are the most difficult, those moments that are the "nitty gritty" of life. 

Throughout my spiritual journey, I've searched for intimate connection with God in big stadiums and revival meetings, only to find Him the most in the unseen, humblest of places. holding my feverish little one under a ruffled gingham comforter.


  1. To use an often-quoted phrase...."that's what it's all about". What a blessing for God to use our hands as HIS hands. In my 69 years on earth, I can truthfully say that no one on earth can comfort in the same way that a mother can...and I miss mine so much. Thanks for sharing what God spoke to you in such a heartfelt way.

  2. This is wonderful reminder. Being a new momma to a 6 month old I often feel like no one notices all that I'm doing. I think the feeling of being unappreciated is an easy trap to fall into. I need to remind myself that God knows what I'm doing and He's appreciative of it. He gave me this little one so that I could take care of her. So I know that this is what He wants me doing, but it's still hard sometimes! Thank you for your beautiful reminder!

  3. Beautiful post. So True . . . and you are such a good Mama, right where God has you.
    Many get-well prayers to Ruth.



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