Friday, March 23, 2012

a wreath for spring

On Tuesday, the first day of Spring, I freshened up the wreath on my front door.

I took off the crocheted lace and added some vintage fabric in a happy golden yellow print. 

And I hung a little brass SMILE disc in the center of the wreath.
Definitely, a good word to remember as I walk through my front door, don't you think?


Hope everyone is having a good Friday so far. Clint's got the whole day (and night) off of work, so I am happy about that! He gave me some cash yesterday and is going to watch the kiddos this afternoon so I can have a (much needed) excursion by myself. I am excited! What should I do? Any suggestions?

ps - don't forget to enter my Shabby Apple giveaway!


  1. Lora, enjoy your mommy day! Can't wait to hear what you did :)

  2. Great wreath!
    If I had an afternoon and some cash I'd do a little thrift shopping and then meet a girlfriend for coffee or tea.
    Glad to hear you're getting a chance to get away!



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