Saturday, March 24, 2012

thrifting, broken mugs, and straight hair

I had a fun excursion yesterday! I went thrift shopping (my favorite thing), and God blessed me with some really awesome vintage finds. I love it when that happens!

This is my favorite find:

a vintage GE Hand Mixer in sunny yellow!
(and it works great!)

The best part of all is that this is the exact same mixer that my mom has. She's had it for fifty years I think. I've got lots of memories making cookies with her with that mixer. One memory in particular is when she used to let me press the red button to make the beaters go.   

I also found lots and lots of fantastic vintage sewing patterns (uncut!)
They are so fun and I love the illustrations on the front - so 70's!
some of these are gonna be up in the shop soon. :) 

and i love these crocheted doilies too! 
so pretty. :)

and I also found this great vintage mug for Clint.
we've got tons of flowery, girlie mugs and not many masculine ones.
so, i was excited to find this one.

which I promptly dropped on the kitchen floor this morning. :(
Clint saw it happen, and saw me come close to shedding a tear about it.
And then, he said as I was throwing it out,
"Don't throw it out! Only the handle broke off. I can still use it."

That's my Clint. Always looking on the bright side of things. He walked out the front door this morning, on his way to a prayer meeting, holding that mug full of his coffee.  I love him.

After my thrift shopping yesterday, I went and had my haircut. Just a trim, but she did shape up the layers, too. And then she spent a half an hour straightening it and flat ironing it. This is the result! So different, right?!

I confess I've been running my fingers through it a lot over the past day. It feels so smooth and straight. It's probably never gonna look like this again! I don't have the time or patience to spend that long doing my hair. Besides, I like the curls. :) But it was fun to be pampered like that!

Hope everyone has a great day!!

ps - there's only one more day to enter my Shabby Apple giveaway!


  1. I think my mom may have had the same mixer! Sadly, it didn't survive as long as your mom's.

  2. Great stuff!
    So excited for you over all your finds, though I think your best find is definitely that husband of yours!!
    You look beautiful- great picture (cute top)- but I admit I envy you for those natural curls!

  3. Such a blessed life. I feel like I have that, too. I am so humbled at how God has been so good to us, Lora! I love reading your posts...and seeing how He has gifted you and continues to do so. <3

  4. How sweet that your hubby still used the mug! =) and your hair is gorgeous...even when it's not straight!

    I've not been around in a while, but I'm glad to see you are better...after your bout with illness a bit back. Have a beautiful week!



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