Friday, March 9, 2012

this precious blessing

Robert Clinton III turned 16 months a few days ago.
 It has been quite a week for this little man. He took his first steps on Tuesday! 
He's changing so much so fast, and I can hardly keep up.

look at that toothy grin! 
oh my goodness. that smile melts my heart.

being robby's mommy is such a pleasure and joy. 

I thank God every day for this precious blessing.

It has been a rough season for me lately, both physically and emotionally,
but having this little angel to hold definitely makes it easier to handle.


  1. Congrats to Robby on those first steps! (love that stage) Those pictures of the two of you are really precious! :)

  2. So sqeezable! Thanks Lora for sharing him.

  3. He is so cute! I bet you are so proud he is walking! I bet he is thrilled to keep up with the others!

  4. I love your pictures. You are so pretty and your children are adorable. I hope things improve for you.

  5. beautiful, sweet photos! xo

  6. Each one of our children are so special to us! We love them all...somehow with the same equally abundant, over-flowing love! One doesn't grab our hearts more than another...they just grab us and we can't help but love them with all our might!
    Another vision of how our God loves each of us. Somehow we have grabbed His heart and He loves us with all His might...imagine!

    Your baby, Robby, is absolutely adorable! He has his momma's beautiful ultra-blue eyes!



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