Thursday, March 15, 2012

room tour - benjamin & leo's room

I thought it'd be fun to give y'all a little tour or Benjamin and Leo's room. I confess that I am a little partial to Ruth's room, of course, because it's so stinkin' cute. But, I like the boys' room too, for different reasons.

So, here we go!

isn't it cute?!

Those beds were Clint's when he was a boy. They can convert into a bunk bed as well. 
 And the chair was Clint's grandpa's. I covered the cushions with a red fleece blanket. 

this picture is hanging on the wall right by the door.

I had this photo taken of them the week after we moved here. Benjamin was 2 1/2, and Leo had just turned a year.  I can't believe how little they are! When we moved into this house, we immediately put them into this room together. They've been sharing it ever since.

Leo's bed
I got both of the boys those Thomas the Train comforters years ago, and they love them still.
And the sleeping bags were a gift from my parents.
Leo's little area.
He always has a cup of water there. It's so cute.

some of Leo's drawings and crafts that he's proud of

I got that awesome tin train painting at an antique store a few years ago for $1.00. I love it.
And my mom made those Thomas the Train curtains when we first moved into this house.

Benjamin's bed.
Clint painted the train mural (it's James, by the way) two summers ago

The kids broke the track for the closet doors a few years ago, so I had to take the doors down.
I improvised and hung a curtain over the opening. I think it does the trick, don't you? 

I painted that little choo choo sign to put in Benjamin's room when he was just a baby. I've kept it all these years. I'm kinda sentimental about it. It was one of the first "crafty" things I ever made.

Benjamin's bookcase.
I had to show you a little bit of it just to illustrate how meticulous and organized he is. 
Isn't that cute?!

And Clint put his old desk (which his dad painted) in the room just a few days ago. 
It's a perfect little place for Benjamin to build his lego transformers on.
(this one has 305 pieces! amazing. they are so difficult! I can't even begin to make those things.)


It makes me happy that my boys like to share their room. I secretly love listening to the two of them giggling and talking at night in the dark.
I hope and pray that they remain good friends throughout their lives. 

They are growing up so fast. I am glad they are still ok with the little boy elements that are in their room, like the Thomas comforters and choo choo sign. I am gonna keep those in there as long as I can. I know in just a few years, they are gonna be pre-teens, and then teenagers (and taller than me). So, I am trying to cherish these times with them when they are little and want me to hold and kiss them.


  1. Where do I begin? So many good things! . . . like how amazing is your husband to paint such a great James? I thought he was a huge decal! Darling desk and beds- I love furniture passed down. I love all the train stuff. My youngest LOVED all things train for years and years and then his older brother said they were for babies and he never touched one again!! :(
    I miss trains- even Thomas! Love the tin train picture you found and your cute little sign and seeing all the special places your boys enjoy. My boys used to share a room and I got a kick out of listening to their giggles too. :)
    Sweet post Lora- I love room tours!

  2. I have boys, so I can appreciate this. It is so great that you kept and restored the beds, chair & desk. Thank you for your creative heart :}

  3. Enjoyed the tour...makes me miss the little guys ! ! Benjamin is looking so much older. The beds (at least 34 years old), the chair (probably 45 years old) and the desk (who knows?) bring to mind the old adage..."use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without". I'm so glad you are using these things...all special to me.



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