Thursday, March 1, 2012

finding joy

I've really enjoyed reading all of your comments for my giveaway. (If you haven't entered yet, click here.) I asked y'all to share with me something that has brought you JOY this week. And most of the things that you guys mentioned were little, everyday things. That's the key, isn't it, to finding joy? It's just that - it has to be FOUND. And if you want to find something, you have to LOOK for it.

So, yesterday afternoon, I spent some time being intentional about looking for little gifts of joy. And, God does not disappoint. He had left little treasures to be discovered...

{watching Ruth eat her afternoon snack, as I stood at my kitchen island}
she is so cute right after she wakes up from her nap. sleepy eyes, rosy cheeks. and when she comes down the stairs, she usually says, "Good morning."  And that is quickly followed by, "I'm hungry."

{lighting a brand new candle}
(this little act always makes me super happy)
this beauty was a gift from my mom. it is pumpkin spice. smells so good!!

{watching the bread bake in my bread-maker}
i always get really excited when it's a good batch like this one and rises all the way to the top of the window.

{reading my Bible}
i had a sweet time in the Word yesterday afternoon reading II Corinthians 4
so encouraging!

{new pretties}
my sweet friend Therese sent me a beautiful pair of earrings a couple weeks ago, just because.
and i got the gorgeous vintage-inspired scarf with pom pom trim in the mail the other day from fellow blogger. We took part in something called a "mamma support swap". (I sent her a necklace.)


Gotta run - I'm on the hunt today for some more pockets of joy in my home...


  1. Your little girl is beautiful just like her mama! love your earrings and scarf in the pic below.

  2. hey miss! i saw you on a friends page and wanted to say a little hello - i love your blog! ruth is SUCH a pretty name for such a precious little girl like yours... adorable!

    count me as your newest follower! ♥ perhaps follow back ?

    hugs, xo!

  3. It is important to LOOK for the joy moments sometimes....And He always provides. (Some days it takes me a bit longer than others to find it!)

  4. Love your new pretties! and your pretty self and daughter.
    I know that same thrill of a new candle- candles just make everything a little nicer!
    The joy hunt . . . love that idea. Everyday I keep an index card on my desk to jot down those sweet things from God. My first joy today was waking up to a surprise: snow!

  5. I got my package and I LOVE it!!! You are so incredibly thoughtful and kind, thank you so much!!! The necklace is completely perfect, I am wearing it right now!! What a fun swap that was. We might just have to be penpals from now on!!!



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