Thursday, March 29, 2012

another reason why i love vintage sheets

Last weekend, I found two adorable vintage Mickey Mouse sheets at the thrift store. I was so excited because I've been wanting to do a Mickey theme for Joseph's room for several months now. I looked all over etsy and ebay trying to find some cute sheets, but had no luck. So, I was so happy to have found two on the same day at Goodwill. :)

this room makes me smile :)
I already had that fleece Mickey blanket at the foot of the bed. It was actually the lining of a vintage sleeping bag that I got last year for Joseph. I just cut it out and discarded the exterior part.

One of the reasons I love using vintage linens so much in my decorating is that they make fantastic (no-sew) curtains! Just slip the curtain rod threw the hem casing, and you've got an instant curtain!! So easy and fun!

(the one I used here was a twin flat sheet)

And isn't that fitted polka dot Mickey sheet the most adorable thing?
I love it. :)


I've got lots of great vintage sheets in the shop right now that would make amazing curtains.

Here's two of my favorites right now:

You gotta see this one unfolded - so cute!! Lots of great illustrations for each letter.

To see the complete list of vintage sheets (there are 11!), click here.


Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Those sheets as curtains are a fantastic idea :)

  2. Oh my Lora, my folks had those mountian sheets when I was little (I'm 44 now). I think they got them at Kmart back in the day. I love the idea to make curtains with a sheet. Why can't I be creative like that. Have a great weekend :)

  3. Love vintage sheets! My daughter, Lydia, just bought her a set a couple of weeks ago and I want to hide them when she moves out!

  4. "Cast your cares on Him for He careth for you" every big...and little... thing!
    Great "find".



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