Sunday, February 26, 2012

vintage bible books

The kids and I had fun earlier today reading through two great vintage books. One is a Children's Bible, and the other is a cute children's devotional I picked up yesterday at the thrift store for just $1.00.

love the title, don't you?!
and the artwork on the cover makes me smile. :)

it was published in 1954

this was our devotional for today
it was about thanking God for creating the world
so sweet!

Clint found this one years ago at an estate sale, when Benjamin was just a baby.
It was published in 1965.

we read about the Ark of the Covenant today.
aren't the illustrations fantastic?!


I really want to make these readings with the kids, esp Benjamin and Leo, a daily thing. Even just taking like ten minutes a day will improve our days, I'm sure...

Hope y'all are having a restful Sunday!

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  1. All the way here in New Zealand, I just had a sweet moment. That children's bible is the first bible i was given, way back when i was about 5. Awwww.



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