Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I love this new necklace that its the shop now.
It features the sweetest little sterling silver heart charm!
A perfect gift for Valentine's Day, don't you think?

my favorite detail on this necklace is the tiny little pearl dangling off the back clasp...

Isn't it so cute?! I hope it finds its way onto one of your necks for Valentine's Day! :)
(Give your hubby a little hint! In fact, just last night, I got an order from a husband who said his wife had mentioned to him a necklace that she liked in my shop - isn't that sweet?)

Or, even still - if you have two daughters or two sisters or two special friends, these would be the perfect little gift to say I love you! (I've only got two of these sterling heart charms available, and Valentine's Day is only a few days away, so hurry! :) )


And I also wanted to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet mom today. :)

You're the BEST, Mom!!


  1. This is lovely Lora- the pearl at the back is a perfect addition!

  2. Anonymous5:55 PM

    ... I am the lucky recipient of the gift from my sweet hubby! I fell in love with the necklace in your shop, and I hinted (not so subtley!) that I would love it for valentines day... and I absolutely treasure it. I had you stamp on it the word "honor", because that is my theme for this year; I want to be a woman of honor, to my God and my family and my self. I love wearing the necklace, thinking of your "eager hands" creating it. :)



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