Tuesday, February 14, 2012

spreading His love

Happy Valentine's Day!!

look what was inside one of my strawberries the other day. it really made me smile. 
I love it when God does stuff like that!!
His love is all around us.

I made about 10 of these little valentines this morning with the left over candy from the boys' valentines that they made last night to take to school today.

i love this scripture, don't you?

i stamped the back with a few little i <3 u stamps...

and then, I put them all in a little bag and took them with me to church this morning. after joseph, robby, and I dropped off ruth for preschool, we walked around in the double stroller and passed the valentines out to random people that were in the church. I didn't know most of the people. Most of them were ministry school students or people that were eating breakfast in the little cafe. I prayed that God would show me who needed a little extra touch from Him. I just wanted to bless them and encourage them with God's love for them. It was so much fun! I love to bless people like that! I love to see the look of surprise on their faces. And I love to know that maybe God used these little tokens to brighten someone's day.  

Do you have any left over candy in your house today? Maybe you could make some too and spread the love! :)  (Send me a message if you did! I'd love to hear about it!)


  1. This is SO SO SO amazing!! You're a blessing :-)

  2. Oh That strawberry is soooo sweet. xxx

  3. You always have such sweet creative ideas that glorify God!

  4. Happy Valentines Day- the strawberry makes me smile, too!
    You are such an encouragement!



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