Monday, February 27, 2012

room tour - Ruth's vintage inspired bedroom

I finished Ruth's big girl room yesterday, and I am super excited to show it to y'all! It definitely has a vintage inspired look to it. I had so much fun decorating it and using lots of vintage fabrics and decor.

(warning: there's lots of photos! I had trouble narrowing them down... :) )

ta da!!!

I made this garland from vintage bed linen fabrics... 
(and Ruth helped me make the string of paper hearts)

isn't that vintage lamp great?! my brother and sister in law gave it to me years ago.
I found that cute little bedside table at a garage sale 

the vintage tied patchwork quilt was given to me by my aunt.
she had it made for her daughter, who used it in the early 70s

mismatched vintage linens, all in roses
patchwork pillow with pom pom trim, bought from my friend joy's etsy shop

another great pillow from joy's etsy shop, made from cuttings from an antique quilt.
and we can't forget Ruth's little stuffed friends happily sitting on her new bed!

I put two vintage quilts on this comfy recliner given to me by a friend,
and the hot pink pillow was a yard sale find

I found this beautiful vintage painting at an estate sale years ago, before I had children

I love this little corner!

the dresser and iron bed were mine as a child. I am so happy that Ruth can use them now in her room!  I found the amazing vintage strawberry shortcake curtains the other day at a thrift store (for only $1.50!!). They were too short to put in the window, so I improvised and hung them over the closet doors!I actually really like them there. I think it creates the illusion of another window. :)

a sweet little angel figurine in front of a vintage book about the story of Ruth.
(Clint found the book soon after Ruth was born.)

her fancy antique tea set
it's been up in a box on a shelf, and the other day, I decided to unpack it and set it out on one of my silver trays. life is short! Ruth should be able to enjoy these little things, don't you think?  she has been loving her little tea parties with her animals and dolls. it's adorable to watch her!

a pretty tutu, draped over the beautiful framed cross stitched piece that my mother in law made for us as a wedding gift

those curtains! i love them so much. and that little vintage framed plaque with little strawberries painted on it was another thrift store find.

a wonderful reminder at any age, don't you think?!
this was an estate sale find...

I think she likes her new room, don't you?!

admiring her new banner that is hanging over her bed.
(she calls it her "decorations")

I gotta tell y'all - I got very emotional showing Ruth her new room yesterday. After I finished decorating it, I brought her upstairs to reveal it to her. she was so excited!

I felt so happy and blessed that I was able to do that for her. Maybe it's because she's my only girl, I don't know.. But sitting there in the room with her, I got tears in my eyes. And I couldn't wipe the big grin off of my face. It was a sweet moment.

Here's a little video of "the reveal":

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  1. so precious!!! i loved the little giggle at the end of the video. She just can't contain the joy! :) Good job, mama. The room looks amazing! I think my favorite part is that quilt on the bed. And i LOVE that you accented with that hot pink pillow.

  2. Lora it's wonderful!!!
    All the colors and special details. I really love all the vintage items and that it will be the perfect room to grow with her. I'm quite sure that countless tea parties and other joys will be had in that room! I especially love all the mismatched vintage bedding and that bedside table. The bed in itself looks like it's own room when you see her on it- she's so little!- what fun! You're so lucky to have a daughter! :)

  3. Oh WOW Lora you done fantastic job,I could move in that room : )
    I love all the vintage makes

  4. So pretty... love those curtains. What a find!

  5. How precious!! I love all your sweet touches, it is so homey and girly. Just perfect for a precious little girl. When my girls were around her age I did up their room in Strawberry Shortcake...oh my, around 30 years ago.

  6. That's so pretty Lora, Ruth is very blessed to have a mum who cares enough to make her room pretty!!

  7. What a sweet room! I love the Strawberry Shortcake curtains! Everything is just precious and your little girl is adorable.

  8. She is getting so big and talking so much! It's been far too long my friend!

  9. i LOVE her room. So many sweet handmade things and meaning behind them all. im sure she will love it for a long long time. so special Lora :)

  10. Hi there!

    I enjoyed seeing your photos so much! I love reading about your quilt and where the decorations came from. I hope it's ok that I pinned a picture of the room on my board.

    Unique Baby Nursery Ideas and Gear

  11. AWESOME! I love it! Yea for Ruthie!!! You, too, Mommy... good job!

  12. Oh my gosh I love it!



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