Saturday, February 18, 2012

oh happy day

I had a fantastic day. Clint watched the kids all day long so I could go to a special women's event at my church. It was so amazing. God spoke to my heart in a major way. I am still processing all of it! When I came home, Clint said my countenance was changed. He could tell that God had really touched me!

I got home and discovered that my bag from {tiny fete} arrive in the mail! It's every bit as beautiful as I thought it would be! Lesley did such a wonderful job on it!  And her packaging was really pretty, too. (I would've taken a photo of how she wrapped it, but I was too excited to see my bag that I just tore into it!)

Getting my new bag was a great way to end my fantastic day...

(look how it even matches my dress that I'm wearing today. :) )

so cute!!

leather straps made by Lesley's husband

and here's Ruth's drawing that she made today. She was so proud of it!
she told me it's a drawing of her face. :)


After I've processed all of what I learned and experienced today, I will share it on the blog. It was so good! I got freed of a lot of wrong mindsets today.

I am free to be ME!
I don't have to be anybody else. 


  1. So glad it was such a great day, Lora!
    You and the bag look very cute together,too- :)

  2. It looks SO great on you. So happy that you had a happy weekend!

  3. I LOVE that bag! It is adorable!!



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