Saturday, February 11, 2012

fancy party dress

Clint is taking me to the Winter Ball tonight! Every year for Valentine's Day, our church has a formal dinner and dance for couples. It's pretty wonderful. And a few days ago, my dear husband invited me to go. It's been a pretty rough several weeks for me, and I know that a night out on the town will certainly do me good!

I found a gorgeous fancy party dress yesterday at JCPenney 
(on major clearance for only $20.00!). 

There was a sea of black dresses in the special occasion section, and I was going to just try to find one of those to wear. And then, I saw this beautiful silk rose print dress. In a 60's form fitting, Marilyn Monroe type style.

And, right there in that department store, the Lord spoke to my heart. 
He said so sweetly,  

"You're my rose, Lora. 
Don't try to fit in and be like everybody else. 
You're unique. You're lovely. 
Go with that dress." 

And when I put it in my arms on top of all the black dresses I had collected,
I knew that when I tried it on, it was going to fit.

And fit, it did.
Like a glove.


  1. It's beautiful! You must post some pictures of yourself wearing it!
    Have a magical night~ :)

  2. Aaawww! Sweet! Have a wonderful time! So glad you are well enough to go out with your husband. Enjoy.



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