Wednesday, January 25, 2012

unexpected miracles

Ok, this might be a long post, but I want to make sure that I write all of the thoughts down that are on my heart right now before I forget them...

I went to get my big xray today to find out what's been going on in my body. I was pretty sure that the kidney stone was going to be gone. Especially since I haven't had any kidney stone pain since last Thursday morning. The only real pain I've had has all been related to the stent inside me.

Well, I held up that big xray film to the sunlight in my friend's car as she drove away from the hospital. And there it was. A big kidney stone. Right there below my kidney. It had not moved an inch. Can you believe that?

So, I am scheduled to have lithotropsy on Friday at 5pm, which basically means "blasting" surgery.

I'm actually doing really well. I thought I would be more upset. But, I am glad that I finally know exactly what's going on with my body.

And, as I've been pondering the past 10 days in my heart this morning, God has been showing me all these miracles that He's done for me! I'm really so encouraged!

The biggest miracle of all is that I have not had any kidney stone pain since last Thursday morning. Remember that little video I posted that day? I had told y'all that I woke up that day feeling so much better, like a new person. I really thought I had passed the stone that night or something and didn't catch it...

I remembered this morning that on Wednesday night, I had a big breakdown and cried out to the Lord for Him to take the pain away. And then, I woke up the next morning with no kidney stone pain! I suddenly realized that He had answered my prayer! As I looked at my xray today and saw that big kidney stone, lodged in my uterer, three times as big as the tube, I realized just how big of a miracle this whole thing has been. I truly should be in more physical pain. I haven't had to take the narcotics since that day, Thursday, the 19th. The only pain I've had has been related to the stent. So, PRAISE HIM!!!! He is good, and He will not give us more than we can handle in His strength! He has shown me extreme mercy and grace. And I am so thankful!

Also, so many people have come out of the woodwork to help me. Meals have been brought over, people have come to watch the kids, help me feed them and put them to bed, and I've received so so many emails and messages with sweet words of encouragement and prayers. It's really been amazing.

And another thing - my parents on coming up on Friday to help out with the surgery/recovery, etc. And you want to know the coolest thing? We've had their visit on the calendar for months! For the very day that I have to have this surgery! (Their 50th anniversary is tomorrow, and my dad surprised my mom with a fancy overnight stay at a beautiful resort that's not too far from where we are, so they decided to come see us on their way back!) So, God knew all of that. And led my dad to pick an anniversary destination that was close to where I am, so that they would decide to stop by and visit us the next day, which just so happened to be the day of my surgery! Crazy... And just like God to orchestrate all of those details!!

Oh, and one more thing. When I called to register for Friday's surgery, the nurse told me that it was marked as "charity" and that there would be no charge. Unbelievable!!

So, there have been lots of unexpected miracles in all of this. I am grateful for all of the little things that He has done to make this rough road not as rough as it could have been!


  1. How amazing... all those things God does.

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    He is so good! Praise Him!

    God bless you Lora!

    Praying for you!

  3. Awesome! Charity also means "love" :)

  4. Isn't God so good! Your post shows your gratitude.

  5. awesome! i'll be thinking about you on friday, praying it goes well!!

  6. Oh LORA!! Such an encouraging post! Thank you for sharing your life with us...we are blessed. God is showing Himself to His is Good...but what else could it be? It's all Him!

    Still lifting you in prayer. <3

  7. Wow, Lora... we serve an amazing God. Praying for a complete & speedy recovery and that your back to normal soon.:)

  8. I am saying a prayer for you tonight. I've been through kidney stones several times, and it is no fun!

    When you get over your surgery try taking magnesium. My chiropractor recommended it and I haven't had a stone since I began taking it. He told me of a patient that had stones on a weekly basis. He now takes magnesium and no longer has stones. Once he went on vacation and forgot his mag. and before returning home he has a stone. He says he will never forget again.

  9. Praise God for taking care of you! That's awesome news! I hope the surgery goes great for you, will be praying for you!

  10. oh Lora!!! i haven't read any blogs in months it seems (i feel like i don't have any time) and this morning i decided to read some and start with yours. i had NO CLUE what you were going through these past two weeks! (thats what i get for not reading your blog i guess!) i am so sorry! i will be praying for you to recover quickly! i miss you!




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