Tuesday, January 17, 2012

surgery update

i just wanted to give you all a quick update while I am sorta coherent.

i went into the er again last night around 9:30p because the pain was getting increasingly worse and i had developed a fever. when we got there and after they'd done some bloodwork, etc., the doctor told me that i needed to have surgery right away to put a stint from my kidney to my bladder. apparently, the kidney stone was too big and hadn't moved at all from the kidney. it was blocking the urine flow and they had to go in and drain all the bad stuff out of my body that had been blocked up.

so, my surgery was at 2am. they put me completely out and also put a tube down my throat and put a catheter in...

it's been a pretty rough three days! but God has given us lots of favor at the hospital and put us around some wonderful nurses and doctors. we are hoping and praying that the hospital will be able to cut the bill down some since we don't have insurance.

i am back home now and pretty much staying in the bed till I pass the stone. I am praying that it will dissolve and pass on its own. If it doesn't pass on its own within 7 days, I will have to get it blasted by the urologist.

i can't tell you all how much i appreciate all of your prayers, and kind words. It has really carried me through.

praying that tonight will be a good night for me and that God will do a big work in my body to get this stone out quickly.



  1. Well- now I know why I was awake in the middle of last night praying for you!
    I'm so glad you are home now. The prayers will not end, and I know when my husband had emergency surgery five years ago, we didn't have insurance either and the cut the bill in half for us and we have been making affordable payments ever since. I'm sure our God has a plan in place to take care of that- meanwhile: Rest and healing to you!

  2. Sending prayers!

  3. Thought and prayers that you pass that stone uneventfully.

  4. Praying dear friend!!!

  5. Wow...you poor thing...praying.

  6. Keeping you in my prayers, Lora.



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