Saturday, January 7, 2012

sunlight on our faces

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous sunny day! I took advantage of the nice weather and went to the playground at our church with all of the children. They had so much fun! And I did, too. :)

The light was so beautiful - I got so many wonderful photos!
(see the new pics of the kiddos on the right hand column of my blog?) 

Here's some other photos I took of us with sunlight on our faces...

this shot's not perfect, but it's of all five of my children sitting down together!
(a miracle in my book...)


  1. Diane5:52 PM

    love the new photos ! ! ! Can't believe you were able to get all of them to sit at once :)

  2. You have beautiful children. (and the same question crossed my DID you get them to sit all at once!!)

  3. great pic of the gang! it's good to have one of those! :)

  4. Natalie Y.3:09 PM

    I love these pictures!!! Such wonderful moments captured with each of the kids... and ALL of them together!!! :-) Beautiful family you have, friend!... A blessed woman indeed! :-)



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