Tuesday, January 10, 2012

stick out your tongue

Leo was born tongue-tied. In other words, the little string of skin that's underneath his tongue was connected to the very tip of his tongue, making him unable to stick it out. It was never really an issue until recently, when we realized that he couldn't say certain words. It was virtually impossible for him to make the "th" sound. So, this morning, he had surgery to correct his tongue and make it possible for him to stick it out. (and now, he will be able to say the words that he couldn't say before)

I had to get up very early this morning to take him to the surgical center for the surgery. He was given a drug before the actual surgery to make it easier for the anethesiologist to put him under for the surgery. The medicine the nurse gave Leo before the surgery made him quite "loopy". It was actually pretty funny - he kept meowing like a cat, and then he started laughing and saying, "Mommy, you have two faces!" He was quite happy and relaxed by the time the nurses wheeled his bed out and into surgery. The surgery itself was very quick and he only ended up having to have two stitches. So, I am very thankful for that!

He did end up having quite a hard time after the surgery in the recovery room. He was in a lot of pain, and was very disoriented, irritable, etc. I felt so bad for him! And he also threw up a few times there and on the ride home.  But, I picked up a big McDonald's chocolate milkshake at the drive thru and by the time we got home, he was feeling better. I took a few photos of him on the couch a little while ago, while he was watching Wallace and Gromit and enjoying his cold milkshake.

He's much better now - its been a few hours since we got home. God really took care of him, and eased my worries/nerves, as well. Thanks to all of you that prayed for my little Leo, as I updated his status via Twitter. I really appreciate it!!

And now, he'll be able to say "theater" and "this" and "that" and "thank you" with no problems!


  1. He's so cute. I am glad that it went so well and God took good care of him for you :)

  2. I'm so glad to hear that everything went as well as it did! I'm sure he'll be very happy to be able to say all the things he couldn't before!

  3. aww poor kid, glad its over for him.

  4. Diane3:01 PM

    THank you, Lord for being THere for THis. I pray THat Leo will use his new "TH's" to THank and honor God the rest of his life for loving him so much. Love you, Leo.

  5. I'm so thankful that the Lord took such wonderful care of Leo this morning. He'll be back to his sweet self in no time.
    We love you, Leo.
    Grandma Carolyn and Papa

  6. Glad everything went well. My daughter was born with Sebaceous adenoma on her chin and we still need to have the surgery for it. She was only 3 months old when they wanted to put her under and I just couldn't do it.

    Your a brave mom and I'm happy surgery is over for you :)

  7. So glad that all went well for your little one.

  8. Hi Lora- I know how hard it is to be brave when a kid's surgery is in order! So, so glad that Leo is doing well. My oldest had to have surgery at 5 months old for a hernia and I still remember how scary it all was. I'm so glad it's all done and he's doing well.

    Lot's of love and blessing to you and your family!



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