Friday, January 27, 2012

garland of hearts

I had enough energy last night to make a little garland to put on the bed in my guest room. I wanted to make my parent's room look really pretty in honor of their big anniversary. I thought you'd like to see some photos. I think it turned out so sweet. I was thankful that the Lord gave me enough grace to make it for them. As long as I am sitting down, and not walking around, I feel ok. So, this was a perfect little craft project for me right now! All I used was scrapbook / decorative papers, yarn, fancy stickers, and a bit of ribbon.

And I also made this little card for them this morning. I used picnik to add the scripture to the bottom of their wedding photo. (That scripture passage was in the lyrics to the song that was sung in their ceremony) 

All I did was print it out on nice cardstock, put it on top of another piece of cardstock, punch two holes, thread a ribbon through them, and oila - instant card! :)


We also put a vase of flowers, a heart shaped box of chocolates, and a few gifts. My mom was super excited when she walked into their room! (They got here a couple hours ago.)

Clint is taking me to my surgery at 2:30p. The actual procedure starts at 5pm I think. I will update y'all when I am up to it. I'm not sure how out of it I will be because of the anethesia. It will probably be tomorrow before I feel up to writing anything...

I so appreciate all of your prayers!

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  1. I LOVE what you did, Lora! What a thoughtful and fun way to welcome your parents!
    Praying and praying- God will carry you through to recovery. He is more than enough!

  2. So pretty! I don't know how you keep all this craftiness going, but I love & admire it. You are a sweet girl! I'm glad your my friend. <3



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