Friday, January 6, 2012

five things i love friday - vintage ski sweaters

This week has been so cold! You would laugh at me with my three littlest ones each morning as we walk out the door to take our morning walk to Ruth's preschool. I bundle the kiddos up so much that they can hardly move! But, there's nothing like a brisk walk in the cold each morning to wake you up! :)

All this cold weather has got me thinking about one of my favorite things about winter - sweaters! I am a sucker for sweaters, especially warm, ski sweaters. And if they are vintage, even better! :)  For today's edition of "five things I love friday", I'm showing y'all five awesome vintage ski sweaters - all under $20.00.

Vintage Gray Henley Ski Sweater by retrovous

80s Boat Neck Purple & Grey Sweater by nichestyle

Vintage 70's Mackinaw Woolens Ski Sweater Cardigan by mbaugher

sweater /  turtleneck / mohair / rabbit hair / oatmeal / vintage by StudioNostalgia

70s 80s Cable Knit Ski Sweater by cottoncandystreet

Which one's your favorite?
I can't choose - I love them all! :)


And just to give you a good laugh this morning,
here's a video clip that I thought of the other day when I was bundling up the little ones before our walk to school in the 19 degree cold.

Go check it out. You won't regret it! :)


  1. Ooo hard to choose!
    Love the rabbit fur on that collar, definitely says 'snow bunny'!! ;)
    But that mackinaw sweater is killer too!

  2. NatalieY.3:10 PM

    Hahahaha!!!! Thank you for sharing the video link! LOL! I was cracking up as I watched it...I can imagine you getting Robby, Joseph, and Ruth all bundled up! Haha... Fun, fun times! :-)



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