Monday, December 19, 2011

won't you be my neighbor?

My favorite show when I was little was Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

I loved the part in the beginning of the program when Mr. Rogers took off his jacked and put on his sweater.  Maybe that's one of the reasons why I love cardigan sweaters. I wear one every day. And usually it's the same one. My trusty super soft grey one.

But, I wore that thing so much, that after all of the washings, its sleeves have gotten quite short. And I like my sleeves long. So, the other day, when I got my new coat, I also got a new sweater! I love it so much.

isn't it pretty?!

so cozy!

and look at the extra long sleeves!

It's pretty much gonna be my everyday sweater at home now.

Just another simple thing in my life that makes it more lovely.

and just to be nostalgic, here's a clip from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood:

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  1. Love it! I have my favorite cozy-wear too! I love being comfy at home :) P.S I love your hair! So pretty.

  2. I love Mr. Rogers too. :) Did you know his mom knit all the sweaters he wore on the show?

  3. Diane7:53 PM might not know this but your husband also enjoyed watching Mr. Rogers when he was just a wee tot :)

  4. LOVE your new sweater AND your new coat, thank you for sharing and showing it with was like a little show and tell, loved it!!!



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