Monday, December 26, 2011

my baby is eight!

Benjamin turned 8 years old on the 24th. He's growing up so fast! He is such a sweet boy. Very considerate and loving and sensitive. And he's a big help to me as well. I just love him!! We had a little party for him on Saturday night. Here's a few photos:

he looks so old in this photo!!
pretty soon, he'll be taller than I am.

he was so excited about his Transformers cake!

wasn't he a cute baby?!

love his smile!

His teacher, who is also a sweet friend of mine from church, came with her husband to the birthday party as well. It really made Benjamin's day! And this morning, she picked up him and Leo and took them to IHOP for breakfast and then to Michael's to let Benjamin pick out a few presents. Benjamin got a bag full of markers, paper, and scotch tape, of all things. So cute!

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Awe, happy Birthday! My little man just turned 8 too! It goes so quickly!

    He has beautiful eyes...just like his Mommy!



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