Tuesday, December 27, 2011

letting go

I had some precious time alone with the Lord yesterday. And as I wrote in my journal, He began to speak to my heart some pretty big truths for my life. I wanted to share some of what I wrote with you today. I hope it speaks to you as well.


I confess, Lord, that I am overly preoccupied with myself.

My thoughts dwell around only what concerns me.

All around me are people that need a touch from You

You present me with opportunities every day to reach out beyond myself, 
to inconvenience myself for the sake of the Gospel.

{inconvenience myself}

Is Your Kingdom one of convenience or inconvenience?
(I fear it is the latter and not the former.)

Didn't You lay it all down, for the sake of the Kingdom, 
so that Your Father in Heaven would be glorified?

Didn't you tell me, all of us, to die to ourselves and our fleshly desires 
and to live by the Holy Spirit inside of us?

Is that where TRUE JOY and fulfillment abide -
in the letting go and laying it all down?

Arise in me, Oh Fair One.
Oh Lover of my Soul.
Arise in Me!

Make Your Presence known in my life. 

Free me from myself.



  1. "Rid me of myself I belong to You..."
    from Lead me To The Cross...

    i ADORE this post and each sentence in it, and they are my prayers too...we have quite similar hearts!

  2. Oh Lora! What an amazing post....I am so glad I clicked over to your blog just now. Thank you for sharing your private journal with us.



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