Monday, December 5, 2011


Our sweet cat Lester has been having seizures. He's been on epilepsy medication for a few months, and overall, it seems to be helping. But he's had two seizures in the past two weeks, and it's pretty awful to watch him having one. Poor kitty. 

Benjamin and I had a talk on Saturday about what happens to animals when they are put to sleep. I told him that we might have to do that for Lester if he keeps having seizures because we don't want him to suffer or be in pain. After our talk, Benjamin went off by himself for a little bit and shed a few tears.
Lester resting on the big couch by the window in the living room -
his favorite spot in the house

The children and I have been praying for Lester a lot over the past few days.
We've been asking the Lord to heal his little body.

Lester has been such a joy and delight to my little ones. He's so gentle with them, even if they're grabbing and yanking on his tail. And he's been such a wonderful companion to me on those lonely nights when Clint's working. He loves to sit on top of my feet to keep them warm.

I didn't really realize how much this cat meant to all of us until the possibility of putting him down became a reality. God gave him to us to bring all of us comfort, joy and companionship.

I know that God cares about what concerns us, even our little Lester. So, I am hoping and praying and believing for healing for my cat. I am asking God to lengthen his days and give us some more years with him.

My sweet little Lester is one of the blessings from God that has definitely made my life more lovely.

And if any of you are wondering how Clint and I came up with his name, here's a little video of Lester Flatt, one of the very first bluegrass singers, singing one of his songs. (He's the older gentleman on the right, playing the guitar and singing)

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  1. Oh, your poor sweet cat. Looks just like mine! Saying a prayer for Lester

  2. Love and prayers for sweet little Lester. I understand how much our pets become part of our families!!

  3. This post made me cry! Poor Lester :( Praying that the seizures will stop

  4. Poor Lester! I am so sorry for your sweet kitty and you all for watching him go through this. Praying right now for healing, but also for peace for whatever God has in store.

  5. Diane3:50 PM

    I am praying for Lester. He is so special to all of you..and not just the children :)

  6. Poor baby! He's so sweet. :(

  7. Lester is tucked into my prayers; "cast your cares upon Him for He careth for you"...that means ALL our cares.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  8. Praying for sweet Lester. He is such a dear cat.

  9. Aawww! Lora! I understand your worries...I have had beloved pets all my life...(right now we have two dogs, two cats and two birds!!) I have gone through the pain of seeing them suffer and the hardship of loss...they are such a big part of our lives.
    I will add Lester to my prayer list. He is a sweet looking cat. (and your description of him is so tender.)

    God bless your family!



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