Thursday, November 17, 2011

scones from scratch and other blessings

God has been blessing my socks off lately! A couple of days ago, a young lady came into our path who needed a room to rent. We have an extra guest room, so Clint and I decided after talking and praying about it to offer the room to her to rent. She is a ministry school student at our church and is here for several months  from New Zealand. Her name is Charlotte.

And let me tell you, she has been heaven-sent. 
A total blessing from the Lord.
An extra pair of hands that seems to always delight in helping me around the house and with the children.
And has a dear heart for the Lord. She has already prayed for me a few times.
Such a blessing!

I was just thinking this morning that the saying "God knows what we need before we ask" really is true! I hadn't even really asked Him for extra help, but He knew that I would be blessed with another pair of hands to help out every now and then. And He knew that I would be so encouraged to have another person in the house to talk to and work alongside, especially on those evenings when my husband is working at his second job. And He knew that Clint and I could use a little extra money to help make ends meet. It's all around a big, big blessing from my Father God.

I went to visit my friend Susanna earlier today and she was baking scones. They smelled so good. I mentioned them to Charlotte when I got home, and she started looking online for recipes. By the time dinner rolled around, there were hot scones, made from scratch, cooling on top of the oven. She had made them for the kids and I. Amazing!!

a mountain of delicious scones



joseph saying "cheese!"

me wearing my new amazing headband that susanna made for me!

pretty girl

joseph and his new best friend, who he affectionately calls "miss chawww-lotte"
(said in a new zealand accent)

who says you can't have scones for dinner?!

and here's two more blessings that happened today -

My friend Natalie brought me a delicious Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Frappucino.
just. because. :)

And a friend of Charlotte's and fellow ministry school student asked me if she could babysit the kids (for free) tonight so Clint and I could go on a date.
She wanted to bless us!

So, at 8:00, after I put the kiddos in bed, Esther is coming over so my hubby and I can go out to dinner!

All in all, it's been a pretty incredible day.

Thank you, God!

ps- don't forget to enter my thanksgiving giveaway for the "give thanks" necklace!

(that's a lot of "thanks" and "giving", isn't it?!! haha...)


  1. Lora this warms my heart to read. So many blessings to someone who so deserves them. Our God is so good and He always does more than what we could ever imagine. So encouraging to read... Love you friend.

  2. Wow! That is awesome! Tell Charlotte I like her hair. I'm one of those straight-haired people who has always wanted curls :)

  3. I am so glad you are so overflowing with abundant blessings! God is so good and generous to us. In the good and the bad times too. Enjoy that date!

  4. NatalieY.11:46 PM

    I love to see you getting BLESSED!!! :-)



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