Tuesday, November 22, 2011

lessons from vintage buttons

On my most recent thrifting adventure, I was blessed to find a huge lot of amazing vintage buttons, all still on their original cards. I had so much fun looking through all of them. Most of them are from the 40's and 50's. And they are so beautiful! I spent some time over the weekend photographing them in small collections for my shop. Here's a few of them. To see the entire bunch, click here.

Lot Number 10 - Sparkly Beauties

Aren't they all so pretty?!

As I was going through all of these, I couldn't help but imagine the ladies so, so many years ago picking the little cards out off the rack in the store.  The must've envisioned the buttons adorning a new party dress they were going to sew or a pretty new blouse for spring.

That's one of the reasons why I love vintage things so much. I love to feel a connection from the past. It's comforting somehow to remember that all of us have gone through the same feelings and experiences, no matter what year that we happen to live in.  And as women, we have all experienced the joys of life such as falling in love, having a baby, keeping house, and working with our hands.

Which gets me to thinking about eternal value. What we do everyday so often seems mundane and repetitive. But, the seeds we are sowing into our children have lasting importance. They will carry on long after we have died, into the lives of generations ahead of us.

Those little cards of fifty year old buttons have managed to survive over all these years. 
 How much more, will the words that we say and prayers that we pray, stand the test of time! 
Let's be ever mindful of all that we do, because each little seed that we sow is paving the way for eternity into the hearts of those we touch!

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  1. Lora, my sweet friend, I awoke this morning needing my time with the Lord, and desiring to hear about the lessons others are learning from Him. Your blog will continue to be one of my blessed beginnings to the day. Thank you for always sharing your heart for Him!

  2. So good! I love when lessons come to us in the little things!

  3. those are absolutely incredibly beautiful!!! SO pretty is right! Thanks for sharing...I could use those on a few sweaters of mind:)



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