Sunday, November 20, 2011

key to holiness

I gave myself a gift yesterday. A little antique key necklace. It was one of the ones that I made to sell at Harvest Fest. It was actually my favorite key of all of the thirty or so that I made. And I was surprised that it didn't sell, because I think that it is such a beautiful and unique antique key, don't you?!

God's been speaking to my heart lately about being holy. About raising the standard in my day to day life. It's so easy to get comfortable in your life. Especially when it's just you and the children alone in your house during the day (like it is for a lot of us stay-at-home moms).  Since I've had a renter come into my house, a new level of accountability has also entered. It's not just me, myself, and I.

And with that, has come a new awareness in my heart to live more fully for God in my actions.
In what I spend my time doing.
In what I say and how I react to things everyday.

When I was cleaning the rust and dirt off of this little key, I began to notice two small letters on one side of the key. AS. And almost immediately, God brought this scripture to my memory:

"Be ye holy, AS I am holy."

So, with that, "The Key to Holiness", was born.  A simple key dangling freely on a simple chain. A reminder to be ever mindful of my actions, thoughts, and words.  And an encouragement from God that He will help me to be holy, as He is holy.

Have a wonderful day, my friends!

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  1. great verse and i love that key too!

  2. That is awesome... what a find.

  3. What a beautiful post!


  4. Love the photo and verse...and that is such a beautiful key!

  5. Incredibly awesome and special and beautiful!

  6. This is so neat! What a great reminder for yourself throughout the day.

  7. I love your antique key!!! Such a great picture and scripture!

  8. Beautiful verse and what encouragement to us stay at home Mamas!

    So very nice to meet you! Here's mine:

    I'd love for you to join my photo blog hop on Mondays called Capturing Beauty.


  9. That was beautiful and I have been reflecting the same myself. I am working through the Bible study "God's Priceless Woman" and it is awesome. If you ever get a chance to do that study, I would recommend it. It fits your goals here exactly.

    Thanks for encouranging and inspiring us all everyday!



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