Friday, November 4, 2011

encouraging creativity

Yesterday morning, I decided to treat myself and the little ones at home so I made cinnamon rolls! After our yummy breakfast, I sat the kids down and we worked on the fall leaf coloring pages that my mom sent them. Here's a few photos of Ruth and Joseph hard at work. I love their little faces, concentrating so hard! And I think their pictures turned out so good. I love to encourage creativity, especially when it comes to making things with our hands. I want my children to be confident in their abilities and gifts. I want them to find beauty in the things they create. I want them to also enjoy the process of creating! I hope and pray that they will also connect with God as they create, just like I do! God gave us two hands to praise Him, in whatever we do. It's our heart's intention that matters!

And I had to put a little photo of the birthday boy on today's post, too!
Here's one of him eating his breakfast this morning:

Happy Birthday, Robert Clinton III!
You are a true JOY!!!


  1. Josh and I were talking about encouraging creativity in the girls just the other day. We agreed all Christmas gifts will be geared toward creativity/imagination. Dance lessons, new crayons, wordless picture books ect. :) So cool to hear about other mama's who feel the same way.

  2. Hi Lora-
    So jealous that you have kiddos who like to color! Even when my boys were little, they NEVER wanted to color! I tried and tried- but it was a loosing battle. It made my so sad because coloring is just one of my favorite things to do! I would spend hours as a little girl coloring in coloring books, just me and my Mama. In fact, I have quite a collection of coloring books and pages just for me! Never too old to enjoy that freedom of creativity!

  3. Diane3:59 PM

    We love that little boy ! ! Wish we could give him a big hug. Happy Birthday, Robert III.

  4. How can Robbie be one year old already?! We love you, Sweetheart.
    Grandma Carolyn and Papa



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