Wednesday, November 2, 2011

celebrating Joseph!

Yesterday was Joseph's third birthday! Unfortunately, Clint had to work two shifts yesterday, so the children and I had a little family party to celebrate Joseph. Since I've been pretty sick all week, I didn't really have the energy to put together a big party, so I did the best I could. I think the children had fun! Anything with chocolate cupcakes and presents will make children happy! :) Here's a few pictures of the highlights! (And mom, I included a little video at the end of Joseph playing with the toy you sent. He loves it!)

star table centerpiece

i love this child!

"It's my birthday!", he exclaimed with delight.

sweet robby (who's birthday is on friday!!)


the birthday menu (chosen by the birthday boy)
hot dogs and chips (he takes after his mom!)

(here he is as a newborn! :) )

and a big 3 year old!

i took the easy route this year since I've been under the weather all week
(they sure didn't look as fancy as cakes I've done in the past, but the kids sure loved them, and that's all that matters!)

book from Grandma

big brothers helping Joseph figure out how to work the new toy from the other grandma

mickey mouse airplane from mommy and daddy

three candles for the three year old

blowing out the candles

cupcake face!

here's the short video of Joseph playing with the cute Tonka Town toy that my mom and dad sent him. I love his little happy face in this clip. So cute!


  1. Love his cupcake face!!

  2. Hi Lora......HAppy birthday to Joseph...i love these pics too

  3. What fun!. . .a great third birthday. We love that birthday boy!
    Grandma Carolyn and Papa

  4. Aren't children precious? Little things are really big things to them! They take delight in the simple things. We can learn so much from them. I hope you're feeling better now.



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