Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my "bed and breakfast"

Yesterday morning, I got a call from a dear friend of mine. She also has five small children, so we've got a similar journey right now. She called and said she had sort of a weird question to ask me. She said, "You know that guest bedroom in your house that you have that you sometimes use as a prayer room? Well, my husband has been encouraging me lately to have a little getaway at a bed and breakfast so I can pray and rest and spend some quality time with the Lord. And I kept envisioning that room in your house! Is there any way I could come and stay at your house tonight and just hide away and get alone with God? I've always loved that room and felt like it looked like a room in a bed and breakfast anyway!"

Well, I was so excited and honored that she would want to stay at my house. I spent the whole day getting the room ready, praying over the room, writing down words for her and making little gifts for her. It was such a joy for me!!

She came over around dinner time with her little baby and I sent her straight upstairs to read the word I had wrote out for her and just spend some time praying, while I watched her baby downstairs. Clint watched the children so she and I could go out to dinner. Then, when we got home, she went back up into her little haven and prayed and spent more time alone with God.

This morning, the Lord woke me up extra early (which never happens!). I made her coffee and cinammon rolls and brought it up to her on a pretty tray. I wanted her to have the full "bed and breakfast" effect!

It was such a blessing for me to do this for my friend! I had a rough week last week, struggling with feeling depressed and overwhelmed. Through this experience, I was reminded that the best way to lift your spirit and feel closer to God is to help someone else

Are you down today? Are you sad? Ask God to show you someone that needs some love and encouragement. As you help someone else, I know that you will feel better in your own heart. :)

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  1. What a lovely post!

    Your friend has found an angel among us..you!

    Have a blessed day!


  2. How beautiful!! I love that she felt comfortable enough to ask you to "borrow" your guest room. You must be a wonderful friend. I hope you were both blessed by the time she spend in your little bed and breakfast! :0)

  3. Lora- that is such a neat idea! I'm so glad for both you and your friend. This is very timely encouragement. :)

  4. Beautiful! Please intercede for me, our family is being attacked about our faith! The Lord reminds me of Luke 12:49-56. Thank the Lord for you. Have a great day..

  5. Lora, this is just wonderful for so many reasons. How great that your friend was comfortable enough to ask you! How wonderful that you have space to minister in such a sweet way! How perfect that God used you, your husband, and your home to show hospitality to someone who needed a break. Love it!



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